Community Investment Funding Priorities 2020-2021

There are three main focuses of the work of United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties; Education, Health and Income. Within each area, United Way strives to reach a goal for each area under Education, Health & Income. United Way partners with non-profit agencies and programs that align with these three major areas and who will be a part of reaching the goals. Please complete the Pre-Proposal Application to identify where your program’s work aligns within the goals of United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties and return by Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 5:00 PM.

If you are seeking funding for more than one program, please complete a pre-proposal for each program applying.


  1. Kindergarten Readiness: Supporting programs with focus on increasing percentage of children who enter school ready to learn in K-5, make sure all basic needs are met so child has opportunity to learn, and supporting K-4 and early childhood education initiatives.
  2. Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills: Supporting the development of necessary skills to read at grade level in third grade or succeed in reading beyond third grade and provide early numeracy and critical thinking skills, so children can be successful in
  3. Social & Emotional Development: Supporting and encouraging a child’s increased ability to express and manage emotions, develop self-awareness and build healthy relationship skills.


  1. Access to Care: Increased access to healthcare services including medical, behavioral health and dental services
  2. Prevention: To improve community health through education and the creation of environments that support healthy behaviors. Initiatives focusing on education, screening, and policy efforts aimed to prevent chronic disease and encourage the adoption and practice of healthy behaviors.

Basic Needs

  1. Efforts that support and address barriers to education, financial stability and health attainment.




Not for profit organizations that align with United Way Focus Areas of Education, Income, and Health may apply for United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties funding as long as they meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. The organization must be incorporated as a non-profit corporation, or chartered as a local unit by an organization so incorporated, contributions which are deductible under state and federal laws. The agency is also to be exempt from federal income tax under the 501 (c) (3) provision of the Internal Revenue Service
  2. The organization must have written by-laws which clearly define the organization’s purposes and functions, its structure, and the duties, authority and responsibilities of its governing body and officers. The organization must have an active, local, unpaid Board of Directors (consisting of at least 7 board members) which meets at least quarterly and have appropriate provisions for rotation, and acts as the governing body of the organization and establishes and enforces policy. Any requests for exceptions may be brought to the Board for
  3. An organization seeking United Way funding for a continuing, new or expanded program must provide clear evidence that the service provided by the program is fully aligned with United Way focus areas and priorities and not a duplication for the clients to be Duplication of services is an issue to be examined by United Way on a continuing basis.
  4. The agency should only request necessary funding for programs that align with United Way funding priorities and demonstrate the sustainability of the program without United Way funding. United Way encourages ongoing agency fundraising, with the exception of workplace solicitations.
  5. All applicants must submit a CPA audit with their
  6. The agency shall contribute, through its program, to the health and welfare of individuals and families residing within Greenwood and Abbeville Counties.
  7. Agency shall be willing to abide by all United Way policies and procedures and submit financial and program data as set forth by United
  8. Agency shall be willing to be responsive to United Way suggestions and recommendations, make efforts to continually improve organizational efficiencies and quality of service and be participatory as a United Way Funded Collaborative throughout the funding cycle.


United Way of Greenwood and Abbeville Counties will not provide financial support to programs or agencies whose primary function is a provision of political, public relations, formal education or religious activities.

Definition of ineligible activities are as follows:

  1. Services/programs designed primarily to address the basic long-term financial assistance and material needs of clients.
  2. Building and land improvements or to fund prior year deficits.
  3. Services/programs which are primarily public relations.
  4. Services/programs which are provided for non-human services, such as animal centric or environmental services/programs.
  5. Services/programs which are primarily of a religious or political nature. Programs which are of a religious nature refer to those designed to promote or support a specific religious persuasion. It also refers to human care programs which require, as a condition of receiving service, that the client or patient belong to or actively participates in a specific religion or religious activity.

Key Dates:

Monday, March 23, 2020: Pre-proposals due by 5:00 PM

TBD: Organizations will be notified with application or denial letter from pre-proposal

TBD: Applications due by 4:30 PM

TBD: Award notifications go out to Funded Partners