Our professional staff are a dedicated team, committed to giving back in our community. Contact us at any time for further information or assistance.

Marisel Losa
President and CEO

Email: mlosa@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103

Rachel Blair
Director, Business Operations

Email: rblair@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103

Emily Findley
Director, Community Impact

Email: efindley@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103

Hannah Gantt
Director, Resource Development

Email: hgantt@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103

Zeb Gantt
Community Research & Data Specialist

Email: zgantt@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103

Linda Bone
Front Office Administrator

Email: lbone@unitedwaygac.org

Phone: (864) 229-4103